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You'll get EXCLUSIVE access to my most closely guarded online marketing secrets, shortcuts, strategies, systems, test results, tools and copywriting resources I can't share outside this circle.

PLUS FREE video critiques for your sales letters as long as you remain a member!


"One Of The Best Teachers
Of Copywriting ..."

There is no doubt in my mind that Ray Edwards is one of the best modern-day teachers of copywriting that I've discovered to date.

In the video that I reviewed, Ray spends several hours discussing and sharing the behind the scenes secrets for one of his websites that produces a consistent 10% conversion rate. Considering the average conversion rate for the entire internet is about 1-2%, the website reviewed is definitely a cash producing powerhouse.

For quality of content, I give an A. ...

Aspiring copywriters should love the skill and clarity that Ray delivers in his copywriting teaching.

-Mike Humphreys,


 From the desk of:
Ray L. Edwards, M.C.
Raydal Marketing, LLC
Spring Hill, FL.

ou've been trying to write your own online sales letters for some time now and you're clearly disappointed. You know you could be doing a whole lot better.

.....Obviously the skills are within your reach. It's just that the results from your web copy are not nearly as profitable as you had imagined. Even you may doubt if they ever will be.

Well, it doesn't have to be that way anymore. Because NOW you can access the powerful secret tools and strategies to master the tips, tricks and techniques of writing winning sales copy. I'm talking about simple words on paper that command a windfall of cash when released in the wild ...


Keep Reading To Discover A Surefire Way
To Push Your Copywriting Skills Into High Gear!

I've spent hundreds of hours and a small fortune studying and developing my copywriting skills. And I can't complain because it has paid off handsomely.  Just last week I made $7,100 and the week before that another $6,000 ... by simply sitting at my computer and typing.

.....I've studied all the old masters of the art and developed my own unique style of copy, commanding upwards of five figures. In fact, my minimum fee for a sales letter project is $5,000.

And I still get more work than I can agree to because of my limited time. This is apart from the clients who want to hire me at a lower rate, which I politely have to refuse.

If I were to list for you the Internet "gurus" I've written copy for, you'll be shocked. I've written sales letters for 5 of the most successful PLR membership sites netting their owners over $500,000 in the past few months alone! I've literally turned ordinary online marketers into net millionaires.

I was just on the phone the other day with another client who told me the copy I wrote for him has raked in over $526,000 so far .. that's in less than a year!

I've ghostwritten ebooks for some of the top Internet marketers who have raked in millions of dollars this year alone. If I break their confidence they'll probably want to cut out my tongue. But their 'secret' is safe with me.

(HINT: One recently launched a $1,500 per head coaching program which sold out in a few days time.)


"Highly Recommended!"

copywriting client

Hi Ray,

I've got to say I'm blown away with the killer copy you did for some of my sites.

You've a way of getting the message across to the prospects that convinces them to act immediately!

I highly suggest anyone needing profit-pulling copy that gets the sale to get you first!

Ultimate success,

-Ewen Chia
Instant Marketing Secrets Inc.


Do you want to know how yesterday's unknowns became 'gurus' overnight? Let me tell you: They got some intense coaching from a master teacher. I'm talking about "hands on" training.

Forget about reading another ebook or plodding through another course. My personal coaching will get you where no other ebook could take you ... and faster.

I've been solving marketing and copywriting problems for my clients for years now. So bring whatever is stumping you because I'm sure I've seen a similar case before. If you're lucky enough to get in this select group, then your business and life is about to take an upward turn.

You're Just One Step Away From Living The Life Of Your Dreams!

Of course you may be saying to yourself, "Sure Ray, maybe you can produce results like that, maybe the 'gurus' can produce results like that, but what about me? And that's a good question.

To acquire the powerful copywriting and marketing skills that will make you successful, you'll need the following:

  1. Access to the PROVEN SECRET copywriting strategies known to produce results.

  2. A quick, easy and pain-free method to learn these strategies.

  3. An experienced copywriter and marketer who is patient enough to guide you step-by-step over the bumps in the road.

  4. An open mind and a willingness to learn and persist until you reach your goals.

If you promise to provide the last one (#4), then I can provide you with the first three. I can assure you that once you have at least a Grade 9 education and a passion to succeed, I can show you ...


How To Write Persuasive Sales Letters and Emails
That Plunk Down A Ton of Cash In Your Bank Account!!

Those who followed these same time-tested strategies have gone on to make a name for themselves and closer friendship with their bankers. And it's easy once you know the SECRET techniques and surefire methods that work every time.

In case you're wondering how much you can expect to make from your copywriting once you have the correct information in hand, let me show you.

.....The Internet allows you to work where you want ... and when you want. Once you learn the techniques to writing simple letters that compel people to take action, then you can literally write your own paychecks. You determine just how much you make - as it should be.

Only you know your real worth.

Over seven years ago I wrote one sales letter in just a few days for one of my ebooks that sold over $100,000. And this doesn't include the ton of sales that resale rights holders made for themselves.

One reseller wrote on a popular marketing forum that this letter sold like water in the Sahara dessert!

I don't know ... maybe you just want to write more persuasive letters for your own business without having to pay a copywriter's high fees. Or maybe you want to be paid to write for other online businesses. Either way, any marketer would tell you copywriting is one of the most critical skills you can possess.

My clients write me huge checks because I get them pass the hurdles that suffocate their online businesses. I give them proven tips and strategies to meet their specific situations and all of a sudden ... they are cooking on gas again.

Now you have the rare opportunity to get this kind of personal attention at an insanely low price. A price that will surely paint a smile across your face. But more on this later ...

The bottom line is, I can save you from making a ton of humiliating mistakes. Not to mention the wasted time and frustration going the trial and error route ... because I have developed some proven shortcuts and my own 'bag of tricks' into a well honed SYSTEM.

These powerful secret techniques will ramp up your copywriting skills so you hit more home runs more often.


By The Way, Here's What Some Of My Clients
Had To Say About My Copy Skills ...


"Now I Make 10 Times More Sales!"


copywriting client


I was making about 1 sale for every 100 visitors to my website. Considering that I was paying for those visitors using PPC search engines I was losing money because of the small profit margin of my product.

That's when I hired Ray to rewrite my sales letter. Although I still pay for traffic to my website now my sales are up 10 times. Yes, that's a 10% conversion rate!!

Ray have literally put money in my pocket and I cannot wait for my website to rank higher in the search engines. With the increase in free traffic my profit will even be more.

I would recommend Ray's service to anyone who wants to boost their profit from their website.

-Dr. Brad Krueger, Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner.


"Within 30 days I recovered my investment ..."

copywriting clients

Hi Ray,

I am most impressed with the sales letter and autoresponder series you wrote for my niche.

I gave you materials on a subject you knew nothing about and turned it into a package that's consistently converting at three percent!

Within 30 days I recovered my investment in your work and am now profiting every single day.

Thanks again Ray for the excellent service and fantastic work.

I highly recommend you to anyone who asks who my copywriter is.

Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

- Richard Aubin, Ontario, Canada

"Thanks for a job incredibly done!"

Hi Ray,

I just can't believe you came up with such an incredible sales letter for my new site in just a few days.

It's almost as if you and I were completely on the same page, and you knew what I was thinking and what I wanted to express to my customers.

Thanks Ray for the awesome job you did. I could NEVER have come up with something even remotely this professional if I tried to do my own letter.

I know a sales letter is perhaps the MOST important part of any site becoming successful. In many ways even more important than the PRODUCT ...So again THANKS for a job INCREDIBLY done!

-Sheila Newth, San Francisco, CA.

copywriting client




So Now You Can Discover
How To Turn Your Words into Cash With
The Raydal Copywriting Protégé Program (RCPP)

Now I know many gifted copywriters who are just poor teachers. Sorry, but it's true. I'm sure you've seen many 'star players' who turn out to be lousy coaches.

As I mentioned before, I've spent hundreds of hours digging through the big winners from the old master of the art. But when most of these copywriters try teaching you how they wrote such successful copy ... that's where the roof comes caving in.

.....You see, the most talented copywriters are not necessarily the best teachers. They just know this method works and this other one doesn't, but choke up when asked to teach you to repeat their successes.

Because I have taught both high school and college for many years, I have a knack for making difficult concepts appear very easy. I taught my four kids how to read and write when they were just 4 years old--and that was no easy task. Now they are 3 grades ahead of their public schools peers. (They are all home schooled.)

I cannot begin to tell you the number of people who have told me, "Ray, you were born to teach!" (Blush!)

So even if you've tried other copywriting coaching programs or courses before (like the infamous one that start with an 'A') and haven't seen improvement in your copy, I challenge you to try my program and experience my teaching skills first hand.

Here is a list of some of what you'll discover with my program:

  • How to create killer headlines that grab your readers by the eyeballs and compel them to read your entire sales letter.

  • Why you don't have to be a graphics expert to know what graphics style and layout will help and not decrease the response of your web copy.

  • How long your copy should be. When to use long copy vs. when to use short copy and how long should 'long' be.

  • A simple technique that increases your website sales by 30%.

  • How to engineer an irresistible offer. It doesn't matter how mouth-watering your copy is if your offer stinks so would your sales.

  • 15 Common copywriting mistakes to avoid. Just this list alone could boost your sales almost overnight.

  • How to create email ads that get your emails opened AND read.

  • What is 'positioning' and what position should you take when writing for different markets.

  • 25 Psychological hot buttons that your sales letters must touch in order to get your prospects to act.

  • How to crawl into the minds of your prospects and make them suspect that you eavesdrop on their conversations in the middle of the night.

  • 33 Proven formulas for writing headlines and email subjects and which one to use when.

  • 25 Ways for increasing the selling power of your copy and drive your sales over the top.

  • What you should know about font choice for online copy depending on your target audience and why 'clean' copy sometimes stinks.

  • How to choose a copywriting niche market that's right for you.

  • How writing for the Internet is different to any other form of writing. And why knowing the difference can inject new life into your online business.

  • Why a mini-site selling one product can beat any online storefront any day and how to create mini-sites that sell.

  • How to get real testimonials and use them to boost your sales. (All testimonials are not created equal.)

  • 1000 Marketing 'magic words' that force readers into buyers.

  • The very first questions you MUST answer before you even start writing your sales letters.

  • The top 5 online research tools that you should be aware of and use to empower your copy.

  • The 4 most effective ways to close any sale and how to use them in your sales letter. Many times an otherwise decent sales letter fail because of a poor 'call to action'.

  • How to write copy for high ticket items and seminars. Selling a $3,000 seminar is a different kettle of fish to selling a $10 ebook. You must know the differences and write accordingly.

  • How to write effective classified and Google Adwords ads that have readers rushing to order.

  • How to legally 'spy' on your competition and 'steal' their secrets.

  • The ultimate 77 checkpoint system for your website that will ensure it's running at maximum conversion efficiency.

  • 5 Emailing mistakes you must avoid if you want your marketing to succeed.

  • The 10 top must-have copywriting classics no copywriter should be without.

  • How to use a little known technique to boost your email response rate into double digits.

And much more ...


I Give You Hot New Response-Boosting Secrets
You Can't Get Anywhere Else For Any Price!

Now I've been in this business long enough to know what works and what doesn't. I could just create and ship you a $2,000 copywriting course and leave you on your own.

Whether you float or sink will mean nothing to me afterwards because I already have your money.

But I know that over 95% of such courses just sit on the shelf of a buyer with good intentions.


Because there is no one to give you the feedback and motivation you need to use the course to it's full potential.

Frankly, I don't know many six-figure copywriters who are willing to take you under their wings for as long as you want while you suck out their brains for all it's worth. I'm talking here about PERSONAL attention ... not just access to a library of information you're left to decipher on your own.

That's why I've decided to create a membership site that allows you to:

  • ask me your toughest questions
  • tell me what your greatest challenges are
  • get the tools and resources you need to make it big in this business
  • watch me on video as I take lame copy and turn it into a cash-sucking tornado
  • get help with your sales copy as you build your own portfolio
  • ... and much more!

This will be like an online college course you can attend at your own convenience. But without the high college fees.

.....I'll be able to share with you secrets I cannot reveal anywhere else .. and not in any public forum for sure.

Speaking of public forums, I'll just let you in on one secret: When a copywriter responds to a request for a critique for a sales page or website on a public forum, you'll never get the whole enchilada.

You only get just enough to tease you into giving the copywriter the job to fix your sales letter.

And this makes perfect sense. If I told you all I know for free, then you won't need my services anymore ... simple. But as a member of RCPP I don't have to hold anything back from you!


Here's All The Good Stuff You Get ...


Membership Perk #1:

Video Website Critiques

You'll get two or more complete video (screen capture) critiques each month. This will place you over the shoulder of a master copywriter at work as he explains all the deep secret techniques, strategies and psychological triggers that go into creating winning sales copy. I'll look at both a winning sales letter and a loser that could be improved and how.

In these critiques I examine every aspect of the sales letter and website. The format ... choice of font ... layout ... the voice of the copy .. positioning ... headline ... bullet points ... offer .. closing techniques ... color scheme ... bonuses ... guarantee ... use of testimonials ... psychological motivators ... the very nitty-gritty of the sales letter. You get it all laid out for you.

These critiques can stand on their own as a copywriting course in themselves!

(Note: I don't do critiques for certain markets. These include gambling, adult industry, psychic industry, hate sites, questionable pharmaceuticals and anything that goes against my core values.)




Membership Perk #2:

Copywriting Resources

One question I get asked several times is, "What books should I read and where can I get copies of great sales letters to learn from?" In this members-only resource section I'll show you what to buy and where you can get some other resources for free.

I'll provide you with swipe files and show you how to create your own. I'll also provide you with copywriting courses I have the resale rights to at a fraction of the going cost.

You'll learn how to perform your own online research and the quickest and easiest way to organize and present your sales letters to your clients.

Looking for handwritten fonts, sales letter templates, project organizers, headline swipes? They're all there at your finger tips!



Membership Perk #3:
Copywriting Coaching Forum

You get even more six-figure producing secrets and ideas ... and another chance to get your questions answered. You also get to interact with me and other aspiring copywriters and get your personal sales letters critiqued at no extra charge.

The minimum I charge for a critique is $997 so you get access to me for a penny on the dollar. This will become your most valuable "mastermind group".





Membership Perk #4:
*Apprenticeship Program

If you desire to start making money from your copy I'll recruit promising students to write copy for me as my copywriting apprentice. You'll get the opportunity to learn the same powerful, secret techniques I use to create killer copy for my clients.

I get requests all the time to write copy for businesses on a tight budget. I have to turn them away because they cannot afford my fees. I'll be happy to turn these clients over to my promising students and do a final critique of your work before passing this on to the client. In this way you can get off to a great start as a freelance copywriter.

Just one gig can more than pay for your membership for an entire year! You get a copy of all the tools I use in my copywriting business such as:

  • Client questionnaire
  • Contract / Agreement
  • Help creating your copywriting website
  • List of must-have tools

It doesn't get any better or easier than this to launch your own copywriting business ... period!

*DISCLAIMER: This is not a guarantee that you will get jobs passed on to you by simply being a member. You have to prove your skills and I have no way of guaranteeing a steady flow of work. If you're thinking of joining simply to get work from me, simply DON'T.



Membership Perk #5:

Online Marketing Coaching

.....Are you just starting out with a online business and don't know where to start? Whether it's list building, pay-per-click advertising, content development, traffic generation, affiliate marketing, blogs, SEO, using PLR products, Adsense, Adwords, using autoresponders, keyword research, email marketing, resale rights, viral marketing, link building, banner ads, niche marketing, making videos for the web ... you're covered.

.....See a course that you're interested in but the cost is too high? Once the resale rights are available I'll buy this and offer my members for pennies on the dollar. (Membership does have its privileges!!)



Membership Perk #6:

Monthly Online Consultation

Once per month you can schedule a time to chat with me personally on SKYPE to discuss any topic you wish. This is a one-on-one that I normally charge my clients a $500 per hour rate!

I can discuss whatever topic you want related to copywriting or online marketing in general. I can share with you the wealth of my experience gained over more than 10 years on marketing on the web.


Click Here To Download Ray Edwards Interview


What's So Different About RCPP?

99% of all copywriting coaching programs are very hands-off. And if they are hands-on, you're lucky if the training last for a total of 5 days.


Because every sane copywriter knows he/she can make more money writing copy than teaching others how to do it!

And that's why my marketing colleagues think I've lost my mind. Show me another program where you can get help to write your sales letter, get it reviewed and improved by a six-figure copywriter, for as long as you want ...

That's the NUMBER 1 benefit of being a RCPP member if you asked me. You're getting my individual attention at a fraction of my normal consultation price!!

Show me another copywriting coach who does this ...

When you think about it ... I AM CRAZY to make such a deal!


"You Have Over-Delivered!"

Hi Ray,

Having been online since 1999, I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and spent money on great training and shockingly bad courses. You are indeed one of the good guys. You have certainly over-delivered here in terms of content and service and I applaud your commitment to delivering a superb product.

I have been writing sales copy online and off for myself and a few clients since 2002 and have read most of what you recommend. It goes without saying though, that in the few short days I've had access, I've learned some important lessons and been reminded of some basics that I really should have been using in my copy.

Thank you!

Kindest regards

John Mulder
Cape Town
South Africa


"The Critiques Are Priceless!"

Since joining over 6 months ago, I have seen my skills grow quite rapidly... Rays way of teaching can benefit even experienced copywriters and fill in the gaps. The critiques are priceless... every time you get one, you get just that much better.. and combined with the video training and critiques of other letters inside, you very quickly begin to "see" what's happening behind the scenes of all great copy.

Everything is in one place... so it's convenient. You need to get a list of copywriting books, it's there. You want to learn something, go watch one of the training videos. You want to see how good you are compared to a top notch writer, check out critiques of other letters and see if you can spot the same holes.

Learning a skill like copywriting is extremely valuable and can help you in many areas OTHER than just writing copy... so if you're not already signed up, you're going to be sorry when you realize how important it really is. Thanks for the great deal Ray. I too literally feel like I'm ripping you off as someone else mentioned

Best regards,
Dean Jackson


But How Much Will All This Cost?

Presently, the minimum I charge to write one sales letter is $5,000. I see other copywriters charging $3,000 and more for a 3-day seminar where you have to pay travel expenses and hotel accommodation. But the RCPP program will come to you right in the comfort of your own home.

Now for a program like RCPP with all the personal attention and free consultation you'll get from me you'll think $10,000 will be more than a fair price.

Just keep in mind that with all the secret weapons you're getting you can easily make that back within a month's time. (I know you may be skeptical about this, but that's OK.)

.....And after I review just one website for your business you've already saved over $1,500 which will more than cover your membership for for whole year!!

In summary, here's the value you're getting:

Membership Privilege
Monthly Consultation Chats
Video Website Critiques
Copywriting Coaching Forum
Apprenticeship Program
Copywriting Resources
Online Marketing Coaching
Total Value


But after thinking long and hard about the price I've decided to set this at $2,497 $997 for 6 months!

With all of the personal access to me and the opportunity of building a copywriting portfolio of your own, this is a real no-brainer.

.........And what's more ... you get me to review as many sales letters that YOU write to make sure they are firing on all cylinders!

credit cards


But All Who Want In, Won't Get In!

Yes, that's right. Membership will be strictly limited to just 49 members at any time. Why? Well, there are THREE reasons why I've set this limit:

  1. To preserve the quality of this membership I must limit the number of people who have access to me at such a bargain price. I don't want to spread myself too thin. And I want to give you the personal attention you deserve.
  2. I share "trade secrets" that I've learned from my own online copywriting business and I must keep these as exclusive as possible.
  3. I reserve the right to REFUSE your application if I think that you won't make the best use of the valuable information that I share!

I really want this opportunity open to serious students who can see the real value and choose to act fast. Frankly, if you have any doubt whether this is for you or not then that's good. Because I only want members who will act on all the deep secret strategies I'll be sharing with you.

If you're not totally excited about this rare opportunity to work with a six-figure copywriter and Internet marketing consultant, then let your spot go to someone else who will make good use of this insider information.

Just in case you're still thinking you cannot learn to write effective web copy, I'll like the opportunity to prove you wrong. Once you have at least a Grade 9 education I'm sure this program is within your reach.

Who Should Apply For Membership?

  • Online business owners who are struggling to make money online and understand the power of great copywriting to take their business to the next level.
  • Copywriting rookies who are suffering from "information overload" and want a coach and mentor who could clear up the picture for them.
  • Business owners who are looking for an economical way to have their copywriting critiqued without paying the 'normal rate'.
  • Those who want to make money writing sales copy for other businesses and want to find the fastest route to building a successful copywriting business.
  • Those who are teachable and can take some tough but honest critique of their work.


Who Should NOT Apply For Membership?

  • People who buy into the hype of "overnight success" and are not willing to put in the time and effort to improve their copywriting skills.
  • People who are hard to work with and don't appreciate value ... even when it hit them like a ton of bricks.
  • People who complain and whine and think that the world owes them success.
  • If you're mainly interested in promoting products in these markets:
    gambling, adult industry, psychic industry, dating/seduction, questionable pharmaceuticals and anything that goes against my core Judeo-Christian values. (I do not do critiques for these markets)

.....Our present members are already receiving incredible value for their membership and already "complaining" about my over delivery! (They are already feeling guilty they're getting so much for so little!)

Get in now ...

credit cards

Any online marketer will tell you copywriting is one of the most potent skills you can possess to catapult your business into the stratosphere. Because one well-written Ad can turn a failing business into an overnight success.

Let me remind you that just one of my sales letters brought in over half-a-million dollars for an ordinary young guy .. (not a big fortune 500 company) in just a few months!

So what are you waiting for? I promise you if you turn down this offer you'll hear about what you missed someday and REGRET your decision ...

More reason why I urge you to reserve your place right away.


Ray L. Edwards
Professional Copywriter, Published Author, Marketing Consultant

P.S. You can discover how to write your own copy and turn ordinary words into cash. Let me provide you with the hands-on training you need to get you up to speed fast. Be an action taker instead of just day-dreaming about being a sought-after copywriter.

P.P.S. I reserve the right to close the doors even BEFORE I reach the 49 members at anytime mark. I will gauge the amount of time I invest in this program and curtail the membership as I see fit. So if you want to get in do so now!

Need 1-on-1 Copywriting Mentoring? Go HERE NOW!

Check out my Youtube Copywriting Channel

The Copywriting Channel

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